How We Work

How we work

Our success depends on the effective collaboration of a wide range of people. In carrying out our professional services we work alongside other professionals and organisations to deliver Client objectives. Our expectations of how we can work together most effectively are set out in our values.

Our values

Our values run through everything we do as an organisation and support the creation of a mutually respectful, positive and inclusive environment. They are:

Professional – we work collaboratively to deliver world class outcomes

  • Act respectfully – we respect individuals, their expertise and their differences, creating an engaging and inclusive environment.
  • Be a team player – we build strong relationships. We work flexibly and actively collaborate with others across the organisation.
  • Act ethically – we act with integrity and use our independent judgement, balanced with reasonable care and diligence.
  • Take responsibility – we are reliable, accountable and are open to scrutiny and feedback.

Influential – we have earned the right to advise on relevant issues and people act on what we have to say

  • Be an ambassador – we actively champion the organisation and the profession. We take pride in who we are and what we do.
  • Make an impact – we bring together expert thinkers and practitioners to develop innovative practical solutions to real world challenges.
  • Be inspirational – we lead by example. We pursue a strong vision, uniting the profession.

Enterprising – we see opportunities as they arise, act decisively to take advantage of them and solve any problems we may encounter

  • Stay curious – we are future facing, open to change and interested in new ideas.
  • Be the solution – we have a ‘can-do’ attitude. We explore multiple options and perspectives to identify the best way forward.
  • Driving outcomes – we build the right networks, understand our markets and then negotiate the best outcome for the organisation and the profession.

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