The R Building

A contractor was appointed to construct a building in London. It encountered difficulties during construction and eventually ceased making effective progress towards completion. This led to its employment under the contract being terminated. Shortly afterwards the contractor went into administration, and then liquidation.

The requisite ‘statement of account’ was subsequently issued. This showed that an amount was due to the employer due to costs incurred following the termination of the contractor’s employment.

The statement was not a final account statement, so not subject to the same ‘finality’ deadlines.

Approximately two years later the contractor’s liquidator submitted a claim to the employer seeking payment of a further c.£2 million. The liquidator’s letter supported a 230-page claim (together with numerous appendices in several lever arch files). The employer wanted a view of the claim’s viability that was unencumbered by previous involvement in the project.

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Walter Lily

Project Data

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