Risk Management

From the start of your project, through to completion, everything you do will contain some level of risk. Even after completion, there remains residual risk.

There may be something that wasn’t completed correctly. You may need to manage risks through contracts or warranties.  Burke Hunter Adams is able to ensure these documents are well drafted for the best possible outcomes.

You can manage risk, minimise it, share, transfer or accept it. But it cannot be ignored. Let us help you identify and manage these risks.

As a practice, we are experienced in delivering successful projects. Dealing with risk is a key component of doing this.

The earlier you can identify risks, the more effectively they can be managed.
Risk Management and Quantity Surveyors
Contract Document - Risk Management. BHA
Early Identification

The earlier you can identify risks, the more effective their management can be.  Risks can be managed and assessed in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways is through the use of a risk register. By engaging in a workshop activity, you project team can have input into the risk management process. This will lead to higher levels of buy-in to the process and a greater likelihood of success.

The result will be to create a working document that will travel with you throughout the project lifecycle.

This risk register collates both assessment and management of risks in one place. It also provides a central reference resource for the project team. Risks are assigned to the appropriate team member to implement the agreed risk management plan. As your project develops, it is updated and evolves.

Decreasing Risk

Risk, and therefore uncertainty, should decrease as the project progresses.  As the project passes through its design and procurement stages, you will see the most significant risk. From there, your levels of risk decrease and you will be able to see your project through to successful completion.

Get in touch today, find out how we can help manage the risks on your next project.

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